Total Hearing Care is a comprehensive diagnostic audiology and hearing aid company. Our website is designed to help answer commonly asked questions about our practice. Patients will find information regarding hearing aids and the purchase of other types of assistive listening devices. The site will also have links to allow for the ordering of batteries or other hearing aid supplies. Additionally the site will provide the user with information about our staff and current issues in hearing aids and audiology. A troubleshooting area is planned to allow patients to self diagnose hearing aid problems when the office is closed or if they just need additional instruction on daily maintenance activities with their hearing aid. Also included on the site will be areas explaining the types of testing performed, our other services and information regarding hearing loss and its remediation.

Audiological Testing

Comprehensive audiologic test may consist of pure tone air and bone conduction testing, speech reception and identification, tympanometry, and acoustic reflex testing. An audiologist will determine which of these tests are necessary.

Basic comprehensive audiologic testing assesses your hearing ability and middle ear status. If hearing loss is present, the testing will provide us with the type and severity of the loss and will help us determine if further testing or referral for medial treatment is appropriate as well as amplification.

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