Dr. MarieAnn Zumpone-Weibley

The Story of Total Hearing Care

My name is Dr. MarieAnn Zumpone-Weibley. I am an audiologist and owner of Total Hearing Care LLC. Our story begins in the fall of 1997 when I was working as an audiologist for an established ear, nose, and throat practice, but I knew I wanted something more. Although I was happy where I was working, I wanted to be more independent and responsible for myself. I envisioned a hearing aid practice where diagnostic testing was as important as the hearing aids themselves, patients could get educational information and support for their hearing aids, and not just a clinic selling hearing aids. I wanted to differentiate my practice from all the others out there.

The first hurdle was what to call the practice. I knew I wanted to incorporate my history in the name, but I also wanted to describe our services. After several failed ideas, I focused on the one thing I knew I wanted to include: my family history. Since I was the first one to get a doctorate, I wanted to make sure I gave my family the credit it deserved. I was the child of second-generation immigrants whose fathers labored as butchers and sanitation workers for a better life. My father was one of the first in our family to graduate from college, and I would represent the first to complete graduate school with three separate degrees. As a result, I tried to incorporate my grandfathers’ names in the company name. So, Tony and Al’s granddaughter combined their names to form: To + Al which became Total Hearing Care. I thought this not only honored my grandfathers, but aptly described the practice I envisioned.

Business planning

Next came the building process. With limited funds, I slowly formed the basis for what we are today. I added staff and offices to meet the increasing demands of patients. I purchased equipment slowly, making sure each item was an investment, not just a temporary step. I wanted something people could look at and know we were in the forefront of our field. I also wanted the office to reflect the warm and caring attitude of all of the staff. It took a while to get all the pieces into place. There have been several ups and downs with staff, equipment, and budgets, but I’m proud to say we’re almost where I’d like to be. I say almost because, as with all practices, there needs to be continual growth and improvements. Being complacent is not my style.

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What's Next for Total Hearing Care

Now, we are looking to the future to see what we can improve and add to make Total Hearing Care true to its name. If you are reading this today, then our step onto the Internet was a success. It is our belief that the Internet will allow our patients additional access to our office. We hope it will serve as yet another place where our patients can benefit from our expertise. Eventually, we’d like to use the Internet as a constant connection to our patients to allow for even greater interactions.

As always, we are improving our offices, upgrading our equipment, and learning more about what options for hearing aids we can provide. Hopefully, our future will allow us to provide even more assistance to the hearing impaired community and their families. It is our unending goal to provide total hearing care services to all our patients.

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